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I have been testing clubs for Warrior Golf for over 5 years. I am very pleased with their clubs and the sales people. The price for their clubs are very reasonable. I have never had a problem returning any clubs. A couple of friends of mine liked my clubs and asked me were I got them and now they are using Warrior. I have purchased several hybrids from them. They have given me over 6 free clubs during this time. You also can receive a... Read more

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Love the clubs. Been golfing with them for 10 years. Great products

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So you really thought you were going to get a golf club for shipping only and that was the end? Come on people! Of course there's a catch!!! They are hoping you will either love the preview clubs or are too lazy to send them back. About 8 years ago I got the one free wedge and loved the "preview" woods. Just ordered another set of woods as old ones are wearing out. Still hitting the 3w and 5w and love all 5 clubs! I'll send the woods back... Read more

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I phoned Tomahawk to get my free wedge and the guy took down all my information and then tried to get me to accept a trial on three fairway woods. I said that I wasn't interested. He then tried to get to accept two more wedges for trial. I made it very clear that all I wanted wa the advertised wedge, which would cost me about $33 Canadian with shipping etc. I had agreed to this. As soon as I made it clear that I had no interest in any other... Read more

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I received these clubs through a test program. I must at first say I was irritated because whoever took my order automatically charged the price of two clubs I was evaluating onto my debit card. I only agreed to the shipping charge and was rather angry. The head man called me, apologized and gave me the 4 hybrid, 60 degree wedge, 3 and 5 woods. I loved the way they hit so well that I have since ordered a 7 and driver off of ebay and the 3... Read more

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First they tell you they are sending "free" clubs. Then they talk you into four more clubs and say they won't bill you unless you like them. Then they bill you. You try the clubs and they are not very good. So you don't want any of them. When you try to return the clubs, all of them, they say they will refund $300 to keep all the clubs within 5 days and that doesn't happen either. You are pretty uncomfortable dealing with Warrior at all so... Read more

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Went for the free wedge deal. They offered to give me the wedge and a #4 hybrid. I hesitated because he was trying to hard sell the irons. He then offered to throw in a mallet putter if I bought the driver. I said ok. They sent me the wedge and hybrid, but no putter. I called and talked to a manager. He said no problem and sent me the putter and 2 free head covers. I am a left handed golfer. Received everything custom made. He said if I sent the... Read more

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Received a promotional email for a free putter and dozen golf ball to try and give feedback. Nowhere in the email did it say you had to make a purchase. I callef a low and behold he wasn't about to send them if I wouldn't agree to have more clubs sent at a discounted price. They say you can return them but many reviews have stated they were given the runaround about returns. It's like bait and switch. Not biting and have unsubscribed to any... Read more

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I'm a left hand golfer order clubs from warrior and they sent me right hand clubs. Tried to send back they don't except returns,won't give money back not even a trade for left handed clubs. I've been trying for years. Clubs are brand new and never been used. If warriors clubs are so good how come they don't take them back or give back the money. When you call they tell you someone will call you back don't hole your breath. Read more

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Warrior golf Took $438.95 out of my account without my consent !!! And I will never do business with them again Read more

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