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I ordered the hybrid and wedge on-line I think early on when I first saw the ad on tv at least 5or 6 years ago. I knew the S&H would be jacked up to help warrior save on cost.

I did receive the clubs and still carry the hybrid in my bag. Works well out of the rough on longer shots. Gave the wedge away but it was ok. If you do order anything free from Warrior, you can expect relentless phone calls wanting you to order other products.

I also expected this and never answered one of their calls. Eventually (3-4 months) they stopped calling. Do I think the 2 clubs I ordered were worth the cost of S&H? Yes.

I see now that Warrior only accepts phone purchases for their latest 2dz golf balls. I'm sure the reason for this is that the high pressure sales pitch can start when they have the purchaser on the line from the very start.curious

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Warrior Custom Golf Verified Representative

Hello,Just wanted to reach out and make sure you are still satisfied with your Warrior clubs. I am one of the customer service supervisors at Warrior Custom Golf.

I do apologize for the multiple calls, but we just want to keep you informed with our latest promotions. If you ever need anything my direct line is +1 (800) 574-9790 extension 353 or you can email me at: Samantha Cruickshank



It's called "doing business"... not denigrating your experience or comments, however, offering 'FREE' items to the consumer should have been the 'ALERT' for everyone....

nothing is ever totally free, jmo... the subsequent calls for everyone to purchase more golf equipment is what we all expect from any manufacturer...

they are attempting to sell us More 'stuff'... best wishes...HT

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