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Let's just call this company by it's real name, "***"! They are a bait and switch sales scam that will take you for a ride if you let them.

They called me the other evening and the sales rep was a real piece of work. The sales rep's Warrior, opps I mean *** uses must be an outside telemarketing group because if I owned the company and my sales rep's dealt with my customers or potential customers as these guys do I would fire every single one of them.

Come on Warrior, opps I mean *** get some real, honest and moral sales rep's so your company and doesn't look like the rip off artists that you appear to be.

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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #649696

Got sucker in on the free putter deal. $39 shipping or something, talked me in to trying woods.

Hated the driver, called to return, wouldn't take no for a answer. Said he would send me some awesome irons if I would keep the woods. I said no, he threw in 2 dozen ball, a wedge, sand wedge, shirt, hat, carry bag and another putter.

I think I spent $350 total. This was 4 years ago and I still use the irons, over my pings.

Williamsburg, Virginia, United States #579827

warrior should be ashamed of themsrlves. the so called free $350 worth of merchandise gift that you get may be worth $20.

and that is being kind. the box is full of such junk it is a disgrace. the 21.00 dollars they charge for shipping is probably a rip off and how they cover the cost of the junk they send.

don,t be a sucker, stay away from this company. they suck.

to ungrateful Long Beach, California, United States #579929

I received a card also for their XMAS grab bag "350 value". Thanks to your posting I will not be calling them to order.


I wish that I had read all these comments before I called warrior golf. These guys are amazing crooks.

My wife saw an ad on tv while we were watching Monday night football. It all sounded great a free hybrid golf club just for trying it. As it turns out I had to buy a driver, a 5 and three wood for around $ 400.00, but I could return the clubs within 45 days and keep the hybrid. I read all the fine print and did exactly that.

I had to call to get an rma # from them. An hour and a half later after begging and begging for the number I gave up and agreed to pay $ 130.00 for all the clubs three dozen balls and four head covers.

Three weeks later and at least five phone calls I still do not have the covers. So I think I got an ok deal but what a pain in the ***

to skiracingcowboy Georgetown, Kentucky, United States #622717

I also had a very crappy experience with these jerks. I got my test club in Jan.

and I told them I would not get to use it within the 45 days. Then got called out of the country to work. Called them when I got back and told them I would get to play the club.

talked to several reps but got the same ***. Dont del with these people.

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