Be very, very leery of getting involved with this company. The come on is great (FREE clubs) and the cosmetics are good, but the clubs are no better than ordinary such as you would find in the $18.00 to $20.00 barrel at a discount store.

The shipping charges are outrageous and the pricing on the accessories is a joke. When you request an RA number to return any clubs you do not want, they put on the full court press which is very much like a time share sales pitch. The offer of a free club in exchange for testing and evaluating others is nothing more than a marketing gimmick to get $430.00 charged to your credit card up front.

The whole game is about how much they can convince you to leave in place when you call back for the RA.

One buyer reported that he thought he had scammed Warrior by getting the utility club for only $50.00 while returning everything else. In fact, he paid 2 1/2 times what that club was worth.

Review about: Warrior Custom Golf Golf Club.

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I should have read these complaints before I contacted them. I did tell them I would not give them a credit card number and I sent a personal check to cover the shipping charges. I am going to call my bank on Monday to make sure they get no more than what the check is written for.


Here's what you do: go to a local store and buy a $25 Visa gift card. Use that card number when they ask you for your credit card number.

Since the limit is only $25, they cannot scam you for more than what you thought you were paying for the s/h. Why would anyone give them a real credit card number?

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