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I received an email from golf logix for warrior golf's sales pitch of $350 worth of stuff "absolutely free". It also mentioned being able to get a putter "absolutely free" as well, which I needed a new putter, so I called them up and asked.

The sales associate asked which promotion I was referring to, making me think that they are running multiple scams at the same time. Anyway, the sales associate said it was going to be $39.95 for shipping and for customization of some grip on the wedge or whatever they were trying to sell me. On top of that it was going to be a trial period for the putter and not actually free.

I asked the guy, well it says "absolutely free" on the ad in which he said look at the bottom of the screen in the size 1 font where it says "shipping not included." At that I hung up the phone and knew there was not a chance in *** that they were going to be getting any money from me. I think it's also kind of funny that this pissed consumer link is the second link down on google when you look up warrior golf on Google.com, obviously it appears dozens of others have had this same problem.

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Costa Mesa, California, United States #1090423

I have been dealing with Warrior Golf for at least three years now, and I have never had the problems you guys are having


I had almost the exact same experience. They also tried to talk me into a "demo" deal on some clubs. I'm also finding it difficult to get off their mailing list.


Another thing that I thought was funny was that after the sales associate said it was going to be $39.95 for the shipping price, he mentioned that the items wouldn't get shipped out until late December. I thought to myself, why would they wait over a month and a half to do that?

Well after reading other complaints, I'm guessing they charge your credit card on day 1 and then say that the items are on back order or something else and when you finally get the items after 2 months it's already past the allotted time for returning the items. Sketchy, if you ask me.

That, and all of their products just looked cheaply made, like one reviewer said, the golf bag fell apart after s couple rounds of golf. Well, that very much looks like the case just by looking at their products and is probably the reason for giving them away, minus the shipping, of course.

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