You know, for all the bad publicity Warrior Custom Golf is getting now, this company will give you clubs, and only charge you $50 in the end for any you want to keep.I've had two dealings with them, both just fine.

The first, I got some wedges for free, send back some clubs I didn't want, and talked the sales person down to $50 on a 3 wood I still use today (after 7 years). I did the same thing for a driver, which I sent back for more custom fitting. In the end I got a putter, another wedge for free, and the driver for $50. I used the driver for about 5 years until I swapped it for the Ping G10.

I received a refund of everything except for $50 both times. Was it a pain to get it? Sure. Did it take a 30 minute phone call?

Yup. But you have to expect as much.This company wants to make money, obviously. They want you to miss the 45 day "trial" period. They want you to just keep the clubs.

This isn't a scam. In fact, I feel like I scammed them.

I got two wedges, a putter, a hybrid, a 3-wood, and a driver for $100.The 3-wood alone was well worth it.

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I have the wedges in 52,56, and 60 degrees.I also have hybrids in 3,4, and5, along with the 3 and 5 woods.

They are as good as any other clubs I have tried. I don't believe the average golfer in a blind test could tell you the difference in a 50$ club or a 100$ club. I am a 8 hdcp and cannot tell the difference.

What you have to do is negotiate your price with Warrior.You will be surprised how low they will drop in price.


Look under SCAM and it shows a picture of Warrier Custom Golf.

Look under 'bait and switch' and is shows a picture of Warrier Golf.

Believe they will credit your card later even though they don't.

Warrier Golf is like something out of a bad movie.

BTW, their shipping and handling charges are about 3-5 times normal.

Do business with Warrier = Good luck.

Morgantown, West Virginia, United States #599637

Best bang for your buck .. Thank you Scott X

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States #599584

Warrior golf clubs are great.It wasn't easy, but after some negotiating I got a full set for 400 with putter and hybrid.

3 woods, driver, and all irons.

Great deal, great clubs.Ppl who've had bad experience are just poor communicators

to Cory Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States #599589

Cory - it sounds like you had a good experience.

Scott X gives all the deals. People should ask for him as hes a golfer himself.


It's been several years since I've dealt with Warrior but I have gotten 2 full sets of clubs from them and have to say that my handicap went from around 30 to 14 within 2 years.I'm very pleased with the clubs and was able to get both full sets for less than $200 through negotiation.

I guess you just have to know how to deal with people.I highly recommend the clubs and very highly recommend negotiating firmly but fairly.


I have been using my Warrior clubs (irons,wedges & woods) for about 8 yrs.I love them, yes it is a hassle being on the phone trying to send clubs back after the trial period but for me it was worth it.

I negotiated the price down where it was very affordable & love the clubs.

I am thinking about getting my son a set as he is starting to get into the game.Also I get a postcard every year around Christmas that I can pay shipping & get lots of cool stuff for stocking stuffers.Not a scam, just a little bit of a pain.


I bought a set of warrior clubs[irons only] around 2006, I have been using them around 3 days a week.Put new grips on every year.

They are the best clubs I have ever used.From what I hear, they are good, just the correspondence with warrior is not satisfactory.I would like to have another set.


Thanks for the info. Was going to order the "free" clubs, but after reading this, I'll save the aggravation.


Super HIGH-pressure sales don't be fooled.Don't give any cc information.

Seasoned shopper and had over hour convo to get my return credit.:eek

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