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I called Warrior Golf to participate in a demo offer of 4 hybrid woods. The offer stated that I could keep the 5 at "no charge" even if I didn't keep any other clubs.

The clubs were not to my satisfaction. Although I considered keeping and paying for the #3 wood, the finish on all the clubs was chipped and scratched after just one use. The workmanship was terrible. They had charged my credit card $400 for the clubs and another $29.95 for shipping.

I tried to return them. The rep was very hard sell and kept trying to get me to buy them. Finally he said that they were beta testing this manufacturer and that Warrior wasn't going to be selling them anymore (although they were more than willing to take my money for them). The rep stated that Warrior didn't want the clubs back and said that I should give them away to someone.

He said that he would send me a new #3 hybrid that he guaranteed was better and he would also send me some head covers. He said he would refund my credit card $299. The one club would end up costing me $100 plus 29.95. I wasn't real happy but agreed.

I gave the woods to my nephew and received 4 head covers and a new #3 hybrid (which is also very average in quality). Then today I received my credit card statement and discover that they also charged me another $23.50 for shipping the hybrid and $9.95 for the head covers that I didn't even ask for. In the end, I'm paying $163.40 for one club that is nothing more than average! I was so mad and wasted no time in calling the customer service department at Warrior.

They finally agreed to refund the second shipping charges totaling $33.45. So I still ended up paying $129.95 for a mediocre club and spend way too much time on the phone haggling with Warrior Golf. I will NEVER recommend them to anyone and warn people to stay away.

The experience was maddening to say the least! DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH WARRIOR GOLF!

Review about: Warrior Custom Golf Golf Club.

Monetary Loss: $129.

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Warrior golf club is a total rip off. If you need custom don't be sucker into calling this company.

First they offer you a club for free with a shipping fee of 23 dollar ok this sounds reasonable but, once they have on the phone they try to sell you ca plié of @*#@well you get by point. I think the Attorney General need to get involved because people are getting ripped off and it's not a not a way to do business.


tried their free demo trial...clubs were inferior and dead.....sent them back and have been waiting for a month for a refund....sending them daily emails for a refund....calls are sent on to customer service for no response.


Thanks for this review and others that I read about Warrior Golf Co. I called RE.

the add on The British Open.

Rep said they were so busy but would call me back.

Good thing as it gave me a chance to look them up and read reviews like this one.

You can be sure that I wont get "sucked in" on their SCAM.

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