I just wanted to post and argue the idiots on here complaining about Warrior Golf. Yes, they offer free clubs and i am very happy with my FREE stuff.

(shipping cost only) The company of course wants you to sample their clubs at a discount and try to sell you more clubs, or trial offers to promote sales for them. They will do their sales pitch for 5 minutes to upsale their giveaway. You only have to politely decline if you dont want to do any further offers. The morons on here most likely agreed to have the extra "free club(s)" sent to them without hearing the trial costs.

If people aren't even bright enough to listen to what they are agreeing to then yes, they may have trouble figuring out the return policies on the "trial" as well.

If you have half a brain in your head, you can get exactly what you want, some good deals, and yes they promotionally give away a lot for nothing. I just had to post because ignorant people drive me nuts!

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I just had a very disturbing experience with this company. I needed a return authorization code and the *** would not give me one, arguing that I needed more items.

I stayed polite and calm but he was combative, rude, sexist and claimed that he was the supervisor when I asked to speak with one.

He also alleged that I didn't understand the awesome deals he was offering. There are plenty of choices for other companies out there and this is THE LAST company I would ever use!

Cashmere, Washington, United States #712327

Dustin you are the one that's full of ***, during the Barclays the announcer was talking about what players were carrying in their bags. They said that 3,4 and 5 hybrids were starting to replace fairway woods. So it seems that you're the *** that doesn't know what he's talking about.

Cashmere, Washington, United States #712320

Is this one of their employees making this comment? I agreed to try 3 clubs for S&H only. I only got 1 of the 3 clubs and as it was the middle of winter I told them I would test it at my first opportunity, when I had used the club I called the company and said I was calling with a review of the club. Not only did the rep not ask for my name, I could tell they were distracted with something else.

My review of the club? Shaft was too flexible for me and the "custom fitted?!?" Club was to short. Their response "ok thanks"...after they said that there was no other comment from them. I asked about the other 2 clubs and what should I do with the club I had? "Keep it, we'll send the other clubs". Well 6 months later and no other clubs, so I had the hybrid fit to me and use it on the rare occasion that I need a club that my driving iron (1 iron) and fairway woods won't work.

So yeah, they are not interested unless you want to buy clubs from them at $150-$200 apiece.

Fort Collins, Colorado, United States #675701


I know you are an *** because there is no such thing as a 3 fairway hybrid.


Well I have to say that you were lucky and just because other folks are apparently not as smart as you think you are doesn't make them wrong. If a company (and yes I ordered the free club 4 months ago and guess what...

it never came but I sure was charged for it does that make me dumb too? Is it my fault they lied, charged my bank and never actually sent it?) I get tired of morons too only the *** is you. You make assumptions about folks and you don't have a clue as to who they are or what they were told. Apparently they have a real beef with warrior since they do get the money refunded etc.

That makes Warrior the problem not the people that get scammed by them. If a company does not tell you up front that they are going to go ahead and charge your account immediately for a trial period they are at fault and have committed fraud. If it were just a mistake that occasionally happens that is different, but I know many good people that have tried to get the 3 fairway hybrid and just like me they never actually received the club. Again does this mean we are dumb?

No, it means there is a real problem at warrior. They might have the greatest clubs in the world but if the phone sales team scams folks then the quality of the clubs are mute. However these clubs are not the best in the world. They are average at best at least in my and other friends experiences.

Don't be misled folks, the company DOES know exactly what the phone sales guys are saying since after all it is a scripted conversation and that script has been authorized by the highest offices that warrior has. Keep up the pressure folks and don't let jerks like this one bother you. There are always bullies in the world and this is just another in a long line of people that have no real power over you so keep it up. Ignore foolish comments from probably a salesman that works for warrior.

Have a great time playing golf which is what it is all about. Those that claim the hassle is not worth it are correct.

Drop these guys and over time they will fix the problem or go out of business because there are real companies out there that will act honorably for every customer and not just the occasional one that had no issues with them. Thanks for listening.

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