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Here's the deal. You see the add on Golf Channel for a free hybrid. You call. Not only do you get primo customer service from a slick salesman, they are going to throw in a putter as well. While you're at it, they will send you a 3, 5, and 7 wood for a $133.00 charge each + SSH. If you don't like them, send them back and get a full refund less SSH. So far so good. Until you try to get the Return Authorization number that is REQUIRED for your return shippment.

By the time I finished with "John", he was throwing in the best driver since golf was invented, a dozen balls, head covers for all the clubs, and cut the price down to $50 for the original 3 woods. I kept telling the guy, I can't hit them. It's not about the money. It's not about me wanting anything extra. All I wanted was a RA#. After John did his best to make me look like a financial fool for not taking all the free stuff and wasting 20 minutes of my time, I finally got the RA#.

I'm also sending the "yours to keep" hybrid back. I never received the putter so there's no telling about that.

If you want some cheap clubs, pick a local shop where you can grab the salesman by the nap of the neck when something goes wrong. These clubs are not that good to begin with.

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Gainesville, Texas, United States #813753

Okay, Here goes with all these down-grading comments. I have ordered several "specials" from Warrior Golf.

I have received the free clubs and "if ya don't like send back clubs". I have never had a bad experience with Warrior. Their staff has been nothing but nice, never pushed in to anything. Their shipping has been fantastic.

The longest I had to wait was right at 8 days. Now to answer the skeptic.. 5 orders 2 drivers, iron set, 3,5,7 woods, wedge set,2 putters. Love the clubs, Love the service.

I rate Warrior a 5 Star business.

Pompano Beach, Florida, United States #652493

I called about the free hybrid ad during the Masters and I suppose I am one of the lucky ones who knew what the game was going to be before calling. I cut the salesman off in midstream and said...

send me just the hybrid and I will be happy to give you my feedback. DO NOT send any other clubs. and I gave him my number to call me back later if he wanted feedback. It was my alarm security phone number and it's never answered by the way.

People have to know how to say no.. I received the hybrid and no other clubs. And of course they can't reach me for feedback..

If you are going to get into the game, you have to know how to play. Nothing is free if you can't say "NO".


I had an experience with these clubs that ultimately turned out well. I was given a card stating I could receive a 3 hybrid ans a lob wedge for $29.95 handling and shipping.

I sent the card in with my check for $29.95 and in a few weeks received my 3 hybrid. I love the club. The feel is great and it goes a long way. I wrote an email to them after I didn't receive the lob wedge but never got a reply so I gave up and figured it was a scam after all.

About 2 months later I received a call telling me about some special offer they had going on but I told them of my past experience with them and said I had no interest in doing business with them again. They wanted to transfer my call to customer service but I said no thanks and hung up. The next day I got a call from customer saying they had found my email and they were going to send the lob wedge and apologized for not sending it with the other club. One week later it was delivered to my door.

So, I have to say they did honor their commitment. And I really love the second club. In fact I'd like to to order the 3 and 5 wood but am not sure I want to take the chance. I'm still trying to decide.

However, I do not agree that the clubs are not good. I have used both of mine and like them very much.

I also have a friend who has their clubs and loves them. She is a very good golfer and loves the warrior clubs.


:? Typical bait and switch scam. Originally they wanted to send me a set of three wedges for free.

All I had to do was give them an honest review of what I thought of the clubs. Now the catch. I had to purchase the 3, 5 and 7 fairway clubs for about $135.00 each, pay the S&H on the wedges and the fairway clubs. If I didn't like the 3, 5 & 7 I could send them back less the S&H.

That is about as far as I got before I said they couldn't help me and hung up. Let the buyer beware.

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